The winning sticker design from Kaylee at McDougal School in Chapel Hill, NC.

During the 2021-21 academic year, SOCCOM and GO-BGC held a sticker contest to help bring attention to the Adopt-A-Float program. With almost 20 entries from five different schools, the outreach team selected a winning design from Kaylee at McDougal School in Chapel Hill, NC. McDougal School adopted a SOCCOM float in 2018, which they named Cheerwine. Cheerwine has recently emerged from under the ice. It will take a while for it to transmit the data it stored while under the ice, transmitting a little of the stored data each time it now comes to the surface. The map below shows the current location of Cheerwine (a green dot with yellow halo). The purple dots are Cheerwine’s track since it launched. We enjoyed the sticker so much that we asked Kaylee to modify it slightly so that we could also highlight the recently funded GO-BGC adopt-a-float program as well.

Kaylee: What inspired me to make this sticker was the way the people from SOCCOM taught us how the floats work. They taught us that once a float collects information, the information makes its way up to a satellite, the rainbow coming out of the float on my sticker symbolizes the information the float collected going up to a satellite.

Ms. Lippy: Thank you to SOCCOM and GO-BGC for this awesome opportunity.  Our school has been very fortunate to be a part of the Adopt a Float program.  So many of our students have benefited. A recent news story was published by McDougal School following a virtual visit by Dr. Robert Key.

map showing Cheerwine's location

Above: This map shows the location of Cheerwine in January 2021.

Right: Paul Chamberlain, a graduate student at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, deployed Cheerwine during the PS117 expedition on board the RV Polarstern.