Adopt-a-Float Naming Guidelines

Welcome to the Adopt-A-Float program! We are pleased that you and your class are ready to embark on a grand adventure along with your float. As part of the experience, we are asking that you and your class provide a name for the float and we wanted to give you some guidelines on choosing a name—all names are subject to final approval by the principal investigators on this federally-funded project.

As part of the application, please provide a short etymology for your name (a description of why you have selected this name for your float). If you have any artwork that you would like on the float, please provide it here, but there is no guarantee that this artwork will be transcribed onto your float as we are asking the scientific crew on the ship to add the names onto the floats and they may not have the time (or artistic ability) to do anything beyond the name itself. We want you and your class to have fun with this step in the process! Please be as creative and imaginative as you want. The guidelines below are just that—guidelines. 

Guidelines and Suggestions

  • Names could be representative of scientific concepts or hold special meaning to your class or school
  • Names could be from scientists or engineers that have inspired you/your class
  • All names must be family friendly
  • Names should not have personally identifiable information (e.g. George from Monterey).
  • Inappropriate language and/or references are not allowed
  • Please avoid any political references
  • Please avoid any trademarked or copyrighted names
  • Numerals and symbols are not appropriate for names (i.e., Ge$$ge, George#1, I ❤︎ U)
  • Names should be grammatically correct and not have inappropriate punctuation, text abbreviations, or spammy (i.e., GeXXrge, Geooooorge)