Peer-reviewed publications about GO-BGC programs, expeditions, and floats. 

Robotic floats provide new look at ocean health and global carbon cycle

Johnson, K.S. and M.B. Bif (2021). Constraint on net primary productivity of the global ocean by Argo oxygen measurements. Nature Geoscience.

Video abstract:

Global Ocean Climate Change: Observing From Ships

Talley L (2021) Global Ocean Climate Change: Observing From Ships. Front. Young Minds. 9:495240.

Supercooled Southern Ocean Waters

Haumann, F.A., Moorman, R., Riser, S.C., Smedsrud, L.H., Maksym, T., Wong, A.P.S. et al. (2020). Supercooled Southern Ocean waters. Geophysical Research Letters, vol 47, e2020GL090242.

Autonomous Biogeochemical Floats Detect Significant Carbon Dioxide Outgassing in the High‐Latitude Southern Ocean

Gray, A., Johnson, K.S., Bushinsky, S.M., Riser, S.C., Russell, J.L., Talley, L.D., et al. (2018). Autonomous biogeochemical floats detect significant carbon dioxide outgassing in the high‐latitude Southern Ocean. Geophysical Research Letters, vol 45, 9049–9057.