Robotic floats provide new look at ocean health and global carbon cycle

Microscopic marine life plays a fundamental role in the health of the ocean and, ultimately, the planet. Just like plants on land, tiny phytoplankton use photosynthesis to consume carbon dioxide and convert it into organic matter and oxygen. This biological transformation is known as marine primary productivity.

First GO-BGC floats deployed

The first GO-BGC deployments are being carried out in the western North Atlantic through a partnership with the International Global Ocean Ship-Based Hydrographic Investigation Program (GO-SHIP).

Adopt-A-Float Sticker Contest Winner

The winning sticker design from Kaylee at McDougal School in Chapel Hill, NC.During the 2021-21 academic year, SOCCOM and GO-BGC held a sticker contest to help bring attention to the Adopt-A-Float program. With almost 20 entries from five different schools, the...