Workshops focused on technology, data management, scientific questions, and education related to the GO-BGC Array.

Workshop Resources

GO-BGC + OCB Webinar Series

GO-BGC hosts quarterly webinars about emerging science using GO-BGC or BGC-Argo float data, focusing on early career researchers. The webinar series is hosted by the US Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry program. Recordings are also available on the OCB website.This...

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2024 MBARI EARTH Workshop

The 2022 EARTH workshop will be held July 25-29, 2022 in Seattle, WA, co-hosted by MBARI and GO-BGC. During the workshop, educators work with active researchers to explore current science and/or engineering research, data, and conclusions and develop their own curricula using the knowledge from these explorations and their own experiences to create classroom lessons.

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Global Biogeochemical-Argo Fleet: Knowledge to Action Workshop

The Global Biogeochemical-Argo Fleet: Knowledge to Action Workshop, held May 4 – June 1 2021, celebrated GO-BGC’s initial international commitments, discussed how to ensure that the combined investment meets the priorities of the G7 and international funders and stakeholders, and aimed to prioritize next steps with partners to ensure full implementation of the array and the international collaboration required to sustain the array into the future.

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