June 2023

Five GO-BGC floats were deployed from the R/V Atlantis in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean as part of the CliOMZ expedition. Researchers aboard the Atlantis will use the Clio biogeochemical AUV to investigate oxygen minimum zones (OMZs) in an area known to contain a sizeable OMZ. Scientists and crew of the CliOMZ expedition deployed GO-BGC floats that will also help in the discoveries being made about this dynamic area of our planet.

Float status including number of completed profiles to date is available in the Float Status Table.

Associated documentation, shipboard validation data sets (if collected), and float data sets are available on our Shipboard Calibration and Validation Datasets page.

The floats deployed from the Atlantis as part of the CliOMZ expedition were adopted by schools in Oregon, Washington, Virginia and Punta Arenas, Costa Rica. Check out all adopted floats on the Adopt-a-float data table, photos of floats can be found on our Flickr page.

The C Voyager prepares to deplart the R/V Atlantis into the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean.  Bon voyage!

The C Voyager will spend the next 5 years profiling the ocean from 2000m depth to the surface and collecting valubale information about oxygen minimum zones (OMZ’s) in this unique area of the ocean.