March 2024

The U.S. Global Ocean Ship-based Hydrographic Investigations Program (U.S. GO-SHIP) carries out systematic and global re-occupations of select hydrographic sections.  The IO8S expedition transited south from Fremantle, Australia to the Antarctic shelf and ice edge and then occupied stations on its northward journey during which three GO-BGC floats were deployed. As part of this expedition, on-board crew and researchers contributed to a GO-BGC IO8S Expedition Log and a U.S. GO-SHIP Blog that described life at sea while on an oceanographic expedition.

Float status including number of completed profiles to date is available in the Float Status Table.

Associated documentation, shipboard validation data sets (if collected), and float data sets are available on our Shipboard Calibration and Validation Datasets page.

The three floats from the IO8S expedition were adopted by schools in California and British Columbia, Canada. Check out all adopted floats on the Adopt-a-Float data table, photos of floats can be found on our Flickr page.