P14N Map with floats

October 2023

The R/V Mirai conducted the P14 cruise starting in Dutch Harbor, Alaska and heading south along 180W to 28N and deployed 7 GO-BGC floats along the way.  The first float, Mr Plank (#21818), was deployed in the Bering Sea, with the remaining floats deployed in an almost straight line due south.   

Float status including number of completed profiles to date is available in the Float Status Table.

Associated documentation, shipboard validation data sets (if collected), and float data sets are available on our Shipboard Calibration and Validation Datasets page.

The floats deployed from the Revelle as part of P14 were adopted by schools from Arizona, Deleware, California, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Texas. Check out all adopted floats on the Adopt-a-float data table, photos of floats can be found on our Flickr page.

Artwork on Mr. Plank

“Mr. Plank” getting a little rest before the big adventure. Floats are shipped either one or two floats per crate to protect their instruments and antennae.

A smooth deployment by the crew of the R/V Mirai

The first P14 float, “Mr. Plank”, was deployed in the Bering Sea.

Supported by NSF Award 1946578