January 2022


Six GO-BGC floats were scheduled to be deployed from the R/V Ron Brown in January 2022.  Crew and researchers assembled in Praia, Cabo Verde awaited news that they could board the ship and start setting up for the expedition. Regrettably, a confluence of unfortunate events occurred which made the expedition unfeasible.  As the ship sailed back to Miami, Florida crew were able to deploy all six of the GO-BGC floats (image above), but not in their originally designated locations.

Float status including number of completed profiles to date is available in the Float Status Table.

Associated documentation, shipboard validation data sets (if collected), and float data sets are available on our Shipboard Calibration and Validation Datasets page.

The expedition blog documenting events prior to expedition cancellation is available in the A13.5 Expedition Log.

All six GO-BGC floats for the A13.5 expedition were adopted by schools in Arizona, California, Massachusetts, Missouri, and Texas. Check out all adopted floats on the Adopt-a-Float table, photos of floats can be found on our Flickr page.