GO-BGC Science Webinar 3: Using BGC-Argo Measurements to Study the Effects of Weather and Extreme Events

Virtual Meeting

Please join us for the quarterly GO-BGC webinar, hosted by the US Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Project Office. This webinar will be the first of two consecutive webinars focused on using BGC-Argo float data to investigate chemical and biological processes in the ocean that are influenced by weather and extreme events. The webinar will open with an update on the status of the GO-BGC float array, then we will hear two short presentations about exciting new work in the main topic area. We’ll close with a community discussion about best practices, challenges, and future perspectives of using BGC-Argo measurements to enhance our understanding of how storms, heatwaves, and other ocean- and land-based extreme events shape patterns of biogeochemistry in the global ocean. Recordings will be available on the OCB or GO-BGC website.


7th Argo Science Workshop

Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences Brussels

The world's ocean is in a constant state of change from natural variability and increasingly from human-induced activities. Understanding the ocean by means of in situ observations is thus more critical than ever before. The 7th Argo Science Workshop aims to bring together ocean science research that has employed Argo data and products to further improve our knowledge of the changing oceans and highlight the applications that the new OneArgo array is opening.