2022 MBARI EARTH Teacher Workshop

The 2022 EARTH workshop will be held July 25-29, 2022 in Seattle, WA, co-hosted by MBARI and GO-BGC. During the workshop, educators work with active researchers to explore current science and/or engineering research, data, and conclusions and develop their own curricula using the knowledge from these explorations and their own experiences to create classroom lessons.

7th Argo Science Workshop

Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences Brussels

The world's ocean is in a constant state of change from natural variability and increasingly from human-induced activities. Understanding the ocean by means of in situ observations is thus more critical than ever before. The 7th Argo Science Workshop aims to bring together ocean science research that has employed Argo data and products to further improve our knowledge of the changing oceans and highlight the applications that the new OneArgo array is opening.