Weddell and The Flysch in the crate

The artwork by Elena Perez is amazing! Weddell was launched today

April 6, 2021

Weddell enters the North Atlantic waters

At 1400 UTC (coordinated Universal Time) on April 6th, 2021, the seventh float of the newly NSF funded GO-BGC Array program was launched over the side after CTD Station #59. Huge thanks to the support of the US-GOSHIP program and the researchers onboard the A20 Expedition.

Weddell (WMO #5906343) was named by the Beaulieu Convent School in St. Helier, UK. The reasoning for the name:

We would like to name our float after James Weddell. His story of becoming an educated navigator and exploring beyond the known resonates with our school as we thrive on knowledge, hoping to add to the scientific body of knowledge through our own projects.

Elizabeth Ricci was the shipboard technician in charge of this launch and the float decorations are from Elena Perez! 

Weddell being carefully lowered into the water

Weddell being carefully lowered into the water. Photo by Andreas Thurnherr

Weddell drifting away

Weddell drifting away from the RV Thomas G. Thompson. Photo by Andreas Thurnherr