Admiral getting ready to get wet

WMO #5906340 carefully carried from the crate to the rail

April 2, 2021

No fooling around here as the fifth GO-BGC float is launched

At 1215 UTC (coordinated Universal Time) on April 2nd, 2021, the fifth float of the newly NSF funded GO-BGC Array program was launched over the side after CTD Station #45. Huge thanks to the support of the US-GOSHIP program and the researchers onboard the A20 Expedition.

Admiral was named by the Bayside Academy in Daphne, AL. The reasoning for the name:

We decided to name the float after our school – the Bayside Admirals!

Elizabeth Ricci was the shipboard technician in charge of this launch and Elena Perez did the amazing art! 

posing with the Admiral

A good look at the Admiral before the float is launched over the side. Float art by Elena Perez. Photo by Andreas Thurnherr

Admiral getting lifted over the rail

It’s a team effort as Admiral is carefully hoisted over the rail and readied for deployment. Photo by Andreas Thurnherr