GO-BGC Floats getting ready to get wet

The GO-BGC floats are being decorated with their adopted names

March 22, 2021

One day to first GO-BGC deployment

The R/V Thomas G Thompson has started the A20 Expedition and the first GO-BGC float is scheduled to be launched tomorrow (March 23rd, 2021). As time permits, some of the science crew are hard at work putting the adopted names onto the floats prior to launch. The Adopt-A-Float program started with the NSF funded SOCCOM program and continues with the NSF funded GO-BGC program as over 60 schools around the world have now adopted floats, can track and see the data from their floats, and compare data with other floats. There is no financial cost to adopters – please check out our website if you are interested in adopting either (or both) a SOCCOM or a GO-BGC profiling float!

ADDENDUM: as you can read in the scientist weekly update (23 MAR 2021), weather has caused a lost day so the first float should be launched on March 24, 2021.