Three floats launched now, with one to go

May 6, 2021

AHEA is launched during calm conditions

At 1015 UTC (coordinated Universal Time) on May 6rd, 2021, the eleventh float of the newly NSF funded GO-BGC Array program was launched over the side after CTD Station #58. Huge thanks to the support of the US-GOSHIP program and the researchers onboard the A22 Expedition.

AHEA (WMO #5906439) was named by the Alisal High Engineering Academy. The reasoning for the name:

AHEA was named in honor of our school.

Elizabeth Ricci was the shipboard technician in charge of this launch and AHEA was illustrated by Caitlyn Webster! 

Caitlin Webster and AHEA

Caitlyn Webster and AHEA. Photo by Jesse Anderson

closeup of AHEA

A wonderful closeup of the illustration by Caitlin Webster. Photo by Jesse Anderson