Southern Ocean

Learn more about the Southern Ocean ecosystem and biogeochemistry

SOCCOM: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Southern Ocean

14-slide PowerPoint presentation about SOCCOM, focused on unlocking the mysteries of the Southern Ocean and determining its influence on the climate.

Southern Ocean Biogeochemistry: An Introduction

2-page intro to ocean biogeochemistry.

The Southern Ocean: A Driver of Global Climate

2-page info sheet about the two important roles the Southern Ocean plays in Earth’s climate: it contributes to ocean circulation, transporting heat from the equator to the poles, and it stores about 50% of the ocean’s carbon, mitigating climate change.

Southern Ocean Module

This Southern Ocean overview multimedia module is designed to explain the importance of the Southern Ocean and how SOCCOM aims to study it.

A live discussion with the lead scientists and researchers behind the NSF-funded SOCCOM Southern Ocean research project. This webinar coincided with the launch of the Polarstern cruise that will deploy the first round of SOCCOM floats.

Learn about the SOCCOM Project’s people and plans in this video produced by Climate Central.

Deep Dive into the Southern Ocean

Climate Central has worked with SOCCOM researchers to produce 6 educational videos on Southern Ocean phenomena called “Southern Ocean Deep Dives.” The videos feature helpful animations as well interviews with SOCCOM researchers.