GO-SHIP P02: Moving Day!

Introducing Duke Moosington II

18 April 2022

Written by Vic Dina (she/her), Mr. Duke Moosington’s human companion. All photos by Vic Dina.

It is moving day on the R/V Roger Revelle, our scientists (and their fuzzy friends) are being roused from their isolating quarantines and heading to the ship with their fellow crew members. Today’s blog post features one of the scientific crew member’s stuffed companion, Mr. Duke Moosington the II, in the process of boarding the ship. Bright and early at 6 a.m. the crew were picked up from their hotel and shuttled over to the naval base where the R/V Roger Revelle is docked. Duke Moosington found the seat belts to be oversized, but otherwise found the vans to be quite comfortable.

Todd Moosington in the shuttle. Photo by Vic Dina

Duke Moosington in the shuttle.

Todd Moosington getting out of the rain. Photo by Vic Dina

Duke’s COVID test is negative!

Todd Moosington in the lab aboard the RV Roger Revelle. Photo by Vic Dina

Duke helps set up the lab space.

After being processed and receiving our base passes, we met the ship crew outside to take rapid COVID tests to make sure no one would get sick once we were underway. Despite the rainy weather that ensued, all scientific party members proved happy and healthy!

Once aboard, our scientists and their stuffed companions found and set up their respective staterooms and lab spaces, all before lunch at 11:30 a.m. It is now time to eat, rest, and get ready for the next 6 weeks at sea!