Welcome to Expedition GO-SHIP P02, 2022!

Introducing Sidney Wayne, who will be blogging for the P02 expedition

30 March 2022

Hello to the readers of the GO-SHIP Expedition P02 Leg 1 blog! My name is Sidney Wayne (she/her), and I will be your host for the duration of this cruise. In a few weeks, I will board the research vessel R/V Roger Revelle as one of the three scientists analyzing seawater samples for Chlorofluorocarbons, which I’ll tell you more about later. Since this is a science cruise, we will be working long 12 hour shifts every day for about 50 days at sea, but we are all excited because we’ll be doing a lot of fun things. We’ll meet new people, deploy your floats, collect water samples, expand our new Bio GO-SHIP program, stare at the stars, and watch amazing sunsets and sunrises. If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll see some marine life too!

Our travel plan for P02 starts out in Guam and we will sail all the way to Honolulu along the latitude of 30⁰N (see our map below made by our Chief Scientist Dr. Alison Macdonald). P02 Leg 2 will continue where we leave off and finish crossing the Pacific Ocean to San Diego. This route was done for the 1st time in 1994 and was then repeated in 2004 and 2013. This year will be the 4th repetition! The data that we collect will be compared to the work done during the previous cruises. This allows us to see how our ocean has changed over the past few decades. We can also use this information to predict what may happen with the ocean in the future.

P02 track map

To ensure that the ship remains COVID free we will be in quarantine for a week before boarding. This means we travel in about 7 days now and we’re already getting spoiler alerts of the beauty of Guam (see pics below). We still have lots of packing and preparations to do. Wish us luck and good health as we begin our journey.

Guam – Photos by Dr. Lauren Ferris
Guam – Photos by Dr. Lauren Ferris

Guam – Photos by Dr. Lauren Ferris