ERA Gryphon

Eagle Ridge Academy – Minnetonka, Minnesota

March 2, 2022

ERA Gryphon from Eagle Ridge Academy in Minnetonka is in the water! We hit some bad weather this week, and the sheer power of the winds and waves is impressive. As we heave up and down in the swell, I can’t help but marvel that the forces acting upon our ship are the same ones that I study back in my office at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. From the comfort of San Diego, these processes exist only in the abstract, but here they are tangible. And ERA Gryphon will serve as a link to them long after we’re back on land.

– Channing

photo of SOCCOM float ERA Gryphon - photo by Channing Prend

ERA Gryphon all set to go! Photo and illustration by Channing Prend.

photo of SOCCOM float ERA Gryphon before launch - photo by Channing Prend

 On the deck preparing to deploy ERA Gryphon at night. Photo by Channing Prend.