A Royal Send-off for the QE Explorer

Our eighth float, QE Explorer, has been deployed.


QE Explorer — Queen Elizabeth Secondary in Surrey, BC, Canada

Location: 175° 0.3588’ W; 76° 30.0’ S

Time: Fri 29 JAN 2023 14:00 UTC

Temperature: -1.2°C, Wind 16 kts W

Float Number: 20572

Float Type: Apex

Float Program: SOCCOM

This float was adopted by Queen Elizabeth Secondary in Surrey, BC, Canada, locally known as simply “QE.” Their school motto is Nomine Dignum, which means “Worthy of the Name.”

map of the deployment location for the float QE Explorer

Recovering a mooring right up against the Ross Ice Shelf. Photo by Jenn Magnusson.

QE Explorer is a “local” float for me…

Surrey School District is right in my backyard! My son started school in Surrey, and both my husband and I were teachers there as well. Thanks to Principal Graham Magnusson for adopting this float and I was happy to launch it on behalf of QE. I hope you continue to follow the float and EXPLORE the data for years to come. 

photo of Jenn Magnusson holding the QE Explorer on the deck

QE Explorer is ready to deploy (yes, that’s me!)

a photo of the QE logo on the side of the float

The QE logo on the side of the float. Photo by Jenn Magnusson.

This float was deployed latest at night so far…

3:00 AM local time. But since we are so far south that the sun doesn’t even dip below the horizon, we were treated to a warm evening glow during the deployment. It was certainly worth staying up for! (I mean, along with the float deployment, of course.)

A photo showing the sensors on top of the float as it is being lifted over the side

From this angle you can see the instruments on the top of the float, which include the nitrate probe, oxygen sensor, CTD, and antennas. Photo by Jenn Magnusson. 

A photo of the low sun as the float drifts away

QE Explorer sails off into a stunning Antarctic sunset. Photo by Jenn Magnusson