Halfway Around the World

Sailing on the edge of yesterday along the International Date Line


Between Hemispheres

International Date

During the last leg of our expedition, our research path took us right along the 180° line of longitude: the seam between the eastern and western hemispheres and the International Date Line. While we didn’t change our clocks or our date onboard, it was still a bit surreal to realize that essentially, the port side of the ship was in “today” and the starboard side was in “yesterday!” The header image is my attempt to portray this feeling of existing in both hemispheres.

photo of the GPS location

As we bounced across the line, I tried to capture our GPS reading right at 180°, but could only come this close! Photo by Jenn Magnusson.

Map of the location of the ship at 180 degrees

Our sampling map shows the track right along the 180° longitude line. Image by Jenn Magnusson.

Halfway Point

Just as we crossed the date line, we also crossed into the second half of our voyage. There are now fewer days left than days that have already passed. We’ve hit our stride, and everyone has settled into the routine of sampling. I have three floats left to deploy and three more water samples to collect and process. I’ve tried a LOT of new foods. I’ve seen spectacular land- and seascapes, including sea ice, volcanoes, ice shelfs, icebergs, and snow-topped mountains. I missed going to Jang Bogo. But I’m still looking forward to what the next half of the cruise will bring!

A photo montage of some of the daily selfies of Jenn

A few of my daily selfies showing the different views along the way. Photos by Jenn Magnusson.

A photo collage of the different types of food sampled by Jenn

A photo collage of the different food, snacks, and drinks I’ve tried. Photo by Jenn Magnusson

Southern Ocean Beauty

I’ll leave you with a few photos that showcase the scenery and grandeur of the Southern Ocean and Ross Sea.

A photo of the mooring about to be recovered

Recovering a mooring right up against the Ross Ice Shelf. Photo by Jenn Magnusson.

A photo showing the snow-covered bow of the IBRV Aaron

Snow in the bow of the IBRV Araon in a beautiful Antarctic bay. Photo by Jenn Magnusson. 

Photo of a large iceberg amidst the beautifully colored water

There is a captivating range of colors in the ice. Photo by Jenn Magnusson