Lessons and Activities

A collection of lesson plans and activities for the Adopt-A-Float program


2022 EARTH Workshop lesson plans

EARTH Lessons

These lesson plans were developed as part of the MBARI EARTH workshops, where educators work directly with researchers to learn about authentic data and how it is collected and used.

Visit to an Ocean Planet

This group of worksheets and classroom materials has been gathered and developed by science teacher Joanna Chierici to help students with synthesizing different types of float data.

Tracking Ocean Currents

In this activity students will use SOCCOM float data to learn about ocean currents, learn about circulation in the Great Southern Ocean, and investigate the nature of ocean gyres.

Global Warming and Climate Change

Students will be learning about the differences and similarities between global warming and climate change and the human impact on global warming, climate change, and the ocean.

Ocean Acidification

After learning about acidification and how it is affecting the ocean, students will analyze pH levels collected by their float.

pH Testing

In this activity, students will learn how to use pH testing strips and what pH levels tell us.

Creating a Blog

In this project, students will be creating their own online blog to discuss information they have gained through their work with the Adopt-a-Float data.